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Just reposting my likes/dislikes for DW. I also went it and edited this a bit too.

*this list is solely for HP fandom. My likes/dislikes for Kylux is quite different.

Favourite Pairings:

Harry/Draco = my OTP

Draco/Albus Severus



Albus Severus/James Sirius




* I generally really enjoy these pairings with a bit of kink; either a daddy!kink or stress on age difference or a situation where the older part has some guilt/reluctance but goes along with it anyway.

General likes:



Unresolved Sexual Tension (that gets resolved)

Getting Together Fics

Denial of Feelings


Angst with a Happy Ending

Enemies to Lovers

Dub-con (especially when it turns into full-con)

*In the case of Harry/Draco, I prefer Harry to be the jealous one.

Things I'm not too keen on:




Time Travel

Gender Bending

Muggle AU’s

Things I would rather not read:

Explicit Het

Young Children in Fics (under 10 years old)

Original Characters (unless necessary)

Character Bashing


I don't have a problem with:





Things I adore (specifically in smut):

Dub-con: I love the idea of one party being a bit reluctant, whether it’s because of guilt or the wrongness of the situation or maybe they aren’t entirely certain if it’s what they want. Unless it’s a dark fic, though, I prefer the dub-con aspect to turn full-con as time goes on.

Age Difference: This is more evident in other pairings than H/D, obviously, but I so enjoy a fiction where the age difference between two parties is stressed. When it comes to smut, the more dirty and wrong it is, the better!

Hate Sex: Angry, intense sex that stems from a mutual hatred is hot! Even better when the hatred is masking a deeper passion that lies hidden underneath.

Frottage/Desperation: Any kind of frantic rubbing or grinding or immediate need is super hot to me. I love the concept of two men (especially when they are older) acting like school children and overwhelmed with need that they can hardly get their pants off.

Inexperience: I love when one or both of the parties are inexperienced and bit innocent. The reactions of their first time or first experience is always lovely and can also be super hot as they go through the sensations of this new territory.

Premature Ejaculation: On that note, coming too early or unexpectedly is a favorite of mine. I love the concept that one party is so turned on and eager they just can’t control themselves.

BDSM: Orgasm delay/denial, spanking, restraints, collars, power play, praise kink, ect. My hard limits on this are listed below. I generally don’t have a preference on who is dominate and who is submissive in the relationship.

Come Play: Coming on various body parts, post orgasm fingering. Hard limits would be snowballing and post orgasm rimming.

Dirty Talk: All the lovely dirty talk, especially if it’s whispered in public or comes out unexpectedly during sex.

Voyeurism/Wanking: I love when one character spies on the other (whether by accident or not), especially if the watching party touches themselves. Wanking and fantasies are lovely, as is mutual wanking or just wanking in the same room (great for a getting together fic/I’m not gay, I swear!trope)

Big, thick cocks are great but so are small ones. I enjoy size difference as well, when one party is quite larger than the other and this is brought up in a sexual manner. (i.e. it turns the larger party on)

Kinks I'd rather not read:

Scat (watersports is fine)

Vomit (I have a phobia)


Needles or Medical Kink

~*~ I have very few hard limits. Feel free to ask anonymous (if it’s for a fest) or not if you’re unsure ~*~

Date: 2017-04-09 01:06 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] llaeyro
I identify with this list! ♥

'Feel free to ask anonymous (if it’s for a fest)'

Or ask meeeeee! ;)

Date: 2017-04-11 03:58 am (UTC)
icicle33: (coffee)
From: [personal profile] icicle33
Love your list! There are so many things on here that I love too. <3

Idk...how to make a heart on dw. The lj hearts code doesn't work. = (
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