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[this is directly cross-posted from LJ]

Hello everyone and welcome to my journal!

I have been on livejournal since 2003 and joined the Harry Potter fandom around that time as well! I first started writing fanfiction when I was 14 but took a long, long break and just recently began to write again in Fall of 2015. I'm also a huge fan of Star Wars and complete Kylux trash. I mostly use my journal these days for posting fiction and reviews and fandom but there is also the occasional personal post.

I love to make new friends! Feel free to comment below and let me know you've added me so I can add you back!

Onto the Masterlist:

Harry Potter )

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them )

Star Wars )
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Just reposting my likes/dislikes for DW. I also went it and edited this a bit too.

My Likes/Dislikes in Fiction* )
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DTH posted their reveals and it's time to claim my story!

Title: The Fear is Just an Illusion
Author: [profile] _melodic_
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Hand Jobs. Blow Jobs. Anal Sex. Angst. Hurt/Comfort. Alternating POV.
Word Count: 37,805
Summary: Voldemort is dead but the war is far from over. Draco, once again, is torn between protecting his family and doing what is right. Secret meetings, conflicting loyalties, and grey morals bring Harry and him together but it’s also what could threaten to tear them apart.

My Notes: )

Lastly, I made a little mood-board to go along with this story. Feel free to check it out here on tumblr
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My dearest [personal profile] shiftylinguini:

I hope you have the best birthday ever. As you know my HP muse has all but deserted me lately and I so badly wanted to write you some excellent smut but alas I failed. Instead, please accept this silly video I made you. I love you! <33

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come join [community profile] hp_crossgenfest!

Art by [personal profile] thilia, Banner by [personal profile] capitu

Woohoo, prompting opens today for [community profile] hp_crossgenfest. I hope to see you all there with your delicious prompts!

and a proper update from me is due soon <3
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I just wanted to pop in briefly to mention I’ll likely be less active here on LJ/DW/IJ and in HP fandom. I’ve been a bit distant in the past few months for several reasons and (recent LJ drama aside) I’m finding that while a lot of this community makes me super happy there are a lot of parts that bum me out.

I’ll still be doing my modly duties and keeping in touch with those I message/email/g-chat with (your friendships mean the world to me) but I’m not sure how many more fests I will participate in or how often I will post here/interact here. Maybe time will tell.

Sorry for the dark vibes of this post--I don’t want to spread any negativity but just wanted to give everyone a heads up so it doesn’t seem like I’ve disappeared into thin air.



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